Missouri Bans Student/Teacher Facebook Friendships

The people I know in college always add their favorite professors on Facebook, but if they were still in high school and happened to live in Missouri, that would be completely against the law. Granted, it's a little questionable for a teacher and minor-aged student to be friends on the internet, but do you guys think it should be illegal?

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Yup, I think it should be illegal. There's no reason for a teacher to set up a private social network account with a student that can't be monitored by school authorities. If they need to inform students about homework, projects, etc., they can create a public FB page solely devoted to their class activities, like any normal professional would do for their work.

On the other hand, whether the law is struck down or not is probably gonna depend on other factors besides student safety. For example, it will probably be struck down based on 1A free speech rights or the right to practice a profession (i.e., the right to teach).

See also: http://lawblog.legalmatch.com/2011/08/12/student-teacher-facebook-ban-raises-constitutional-concerns-2/
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I don't see the point of preventing the teachers to communicate with their student with a specific computer program.

They're just going to use google+ or any other social media (or any other method of communication) in their back anyway.
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I think it's a great idea. If a teacher doesn't have enough common senseto know this is a good idea, then it should be enforced. It's excellent protection for kids against teachers who are sexual predators.

When I train new employees, I don't accept any friend requests until after training is finished. It's not appropriate between adults in those circumstances, and it's certainly not appropriate between teachers and students.
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Not surprised. My high school teachers told us we weren't allowed to friend them until we had graduated; my Spanish teacher actually had two facebook accounts: a normal one and one for her students to friend!
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I'm not sure why the state felt it necessary to take a stance but it would make sense if the individual schools made the decision I wouldn't be against it.

I work in a hotel and we have a very strict 'no friends' policy w/our guests. We are not allowed to friend a guest on Facebook past/present-non negotiable. It serves as a barrier between us and the guest for both parties protection.

I understand the idea of wanting to be a role model but also what about the adult jokes/commentary my friends and I will produce-sort of takes away from your ability to partake in those since you'll be busy making sure your content is kid friendly.
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