KK Projects: Turning Katrina-Wrecked Houses Into Art

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KK Projects re-imagines buildings in New Orleans that were ravaged by Katrina and turns them into site-specific works of art.

"This video tours several of the sites and checks in with founder Kirsha Kaechele to learn about her experiences integrating art into one of the toughest ghettos of the city and what it's like to actually live in a gallery."

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Wow, Aramax. I thought you were safely locked away somewhere.
I agree it is pretty stupid, but I don't know if they made deliberately racist stuff. As for the Confederate flag, those are pretty much everywhere in the South, aren't they?

And "KK" is her initials - if anything, she's vapid and narcissistic.
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Is it just me or does that project sound and look like something with a racist undertone?

The name of the project it "KK projects" I wont even tell you what this sound like.

The first thing you see in this video is a house painted in all white ( Even the trees ) with a big vault safe door as if to say "Dont rub me please." or something...

A bakery with black stains everywhere...

Three trucks of dirt was placed inside a house and water was left running to wash the dirt...
and they say it's "... a return to the natural state of new orleans..." if that's not racist I dont know what is.

One of the exibition is called "First mark" probably because the first slaves used to be branded like animals.

"You can jump from the roof and land in the center of the pool" just like suicide... is that water electrified?

"She's recreating the entire floor of the house with... errmm... glass!" notice that the house has no door so there's nothing to prevent kids from exploring the house when nobody's looking. Totally safe.

3:11 mark... anyone else saw the confederate flag reference there? "Counter geometries"... seriously, that's the best you guys could come up with?

"Cell-splitting symmetry" I accidently a whole biologist...

The fact that they're making art instead of helping cleaning or rebuilding the place is just revolting and should make some people react.
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