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This is a puzzle toy similar to the Chinese finger trap except this one is attached high on a wall and the object is to stick your tongue into the device and then figure out how to get it back out.

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That's easy. Those are copper pills for people who need vitamins and minerals. Everyone needs copper in their diet.

When Worlds Collide: black XL
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That was so vicious, it could almost be classed as hate speech. On second thought, it is.
Never been a fan of affirmative action lowering the bar for select demographics, but wow. She has a huge chip on her shoulder.

Blaming everybody else for your problems is a teenage girl thing, I guess, but I get the feeling her parents were maybe more indulgent than neglectful.

I'm curious why the Wall Street Journal would allow something that hateful to be printed.
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Industrial grade 18thcentury six man "Prince Albert" piercing machine. Used in large populated areas during the height of the fashion as a way to expedite the process.

Powered by Caffeine XL
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Vintage rope maker, to make laid or twisted rope. Most commonly it would only twist 3 strands of rope together, so I'm guessing this 6 strand model was for a larger and stronger piece of rope, possibly nautical in nature.

Large - Come to the Dark Side
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It is an antique magic fortune teller. You place your finger in one of the depressions and ask it a 'yes or no' question. The lid opens up and if the answer is 'no' it cuts off the tip of your finger. Harsh, you say? Ha! Fortune telling is NOT for the weak!
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In 17th century New England, it was common knowledge that affixing the horns of a jackalope to your door knocker ensured no witches would enter your home at night.

Neatoramanaut- medium
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When I was a kid in the 1970s, the COSI museum in Columbus, Ohio had a model of Telstar similar to this. It may very well have been a relic from the 1964 World's Fair.
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