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That is an antique crunk crank that Victorians uses for tweaking their twerks, which was much more difficult considering the bustles.

"Not for sale" Ladies fit, black 2xl (I will wear it when I twerk it.)
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This is an antique real doll support bracket used to hold the real doll by its pony tail when not in use. Antique real dolls were made of wood, iron and ivory (little known fact: their pony tails were made from real pony tails), they were much heavier than today's silicone and titanium real dolls, however the metaphorical weight of despair associated with the use of them has remained statistically even across the ages.

Neatorama Metal XL Men's Black
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A bunch of lead soldiers I got from my great uncle for Christmas and then crushed with my teeth because it was fun. Heat them with a lighter, roll them into a ball...I feel funny.

Neatorama Metal, Black, XL, Men's
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A Ground Downer Wheel for locating the direction of the ground. BTW, it' s usually down, therefore the Ground Downer Wheel production was discontinued rather quickly. You can usually find one of these in the back of any given garage, hanging on a nail with the arrow still pointing towards the ground. Oh, Ground Downer...ceaselessly working even through neglect. It's almost beautiful.

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The Wall Street Journal printed her piece because her sister works for them. A stunning bit of irony considering her claims of being "disadvantaged."

I'm just happy for the school that didn't let this smug, arrogant child into their doors. This is the kind of student college faculty despise, the kind that will do anything to foist the blame on anyone but themselves, and who feels that they are the exception to every rule because "don't you know how special/important they are?"
Good for that school. She's horrible.
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A Ftationary Penny-Farthing Ftand for the taking of exercife. Ladies were difcouraged from ufing fuch a crude method of exertion to control their weight. Twas fandelous!

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HEY! A They Might Be Giants commemorative "we wanna rock." And I have been looking for this! You should sell it in the neatorama shop because everybody wants a rock to wind a metal thing around!

Neatorama Metal XL Men's BLACK! (I wanna rock!)
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Occular pieces designed to give the wearer a piercing stare. Worn together they are called Stabnoculars. Worn singularly they are monstabicles.

Neatorama Metal, mens L, Black
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