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That is an antique crunk crank that Victorians uses for tweaking their twerks, which was much more difficult considering the bustles.

"Not for sale" Ladies fit, black 2xl (I will wear it when I twerk it.)
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This is an antique real doll support bracket used to hold the real doll by its pony tail when not in use. Antique real dolls were made of wood, iron and ivory (little known fact: their pony tails were made from real pony tails), they were much heavier than today's silicone and titanium real dolls, however the metaphorical weight of despair associated with the use of them has remained statistically even across the ages.

Neatorama Metal XL Men's Black
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The Wall Street Journal printed her piece because her sister works for them. A stunning bit of irony considering her claims of being "disadvantaged."

I'm just happy for the school that didn't let this smug, arrogant child into their doors. This is the kind of student college faculty despise, the kind that will do anything to foist the blame on anyone but themselves, and who feels that they are the exception to every rule because "don't you know how special/important they are?"
Good for that school. She's horrible.
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Language is a living, changing thing. "They" has become a preferred gender-neutral singular pronoun because, quite frankly, everyone understands it...and if it is understood, then what's the issue? We write to be understood. If we're going to be sticklers for pronoun use why not complain about "you" as well...after all, the singular second person is "thou" ("you" is plural). Language changes. Change with it.
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It is a connecting piece from the construction of Hamtopia, the pleasure palace for our Hamster overlords who will be arriving on December 21st. All Hail Squeeky, Lord of all Hamsters.

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I was living in Kzoo and teaching at Western Michigan University when the announcement was made. The whole city was, I kid you not, stunned to the point of tears (the joyful kind).
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As long as it isn't against your religion, there is nothing wrong with a little buggage on a berry. I cannot imagine washing fruit in Dawn...seems much more people unfriendly than a few tiny bugs.
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The "Spook Files" at Ohio University has a map. It isn't geometrically perfect, as some folks claim it is.

There are some strange things that happen in Athens, but most of them can be explained fairly easily, and most of the more ridiculous stories are just local folktales with no basis in fact. I'm glad you gave the real story of Margaret Shilling instead of the "Scariest Places" version. Athens is a great town with a lot of strange history; the Ridges (the new name for the ALA) is a sad and beautiful place that is being renovated slowly by the town and university.

If you call they might even give you a tour (I took one at night about 8 years ago, it was fascinating).
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I have a tendency to pass out, or at the very least go weak and hysterical, in the presence of a clown (oh, how I wish I were kidding). And like Lisa, you learn to just avoid what I consider locations of clown likeliness: carnivals, parades, circuses. I'm not frightened of a single other thing, and I realize, when not confronted by a clown, that coulerophobia is ridiculous...but when confronted with a clown my body and mind disobey and the crippling fear takes over.

Incidentally, the photos of clowns in this posting (which I very quickly scrolled past while looking away) were a bit of a, um...well, I made a little scream noise and had to take some deep breaths, and I'm at work. I won't write, "Please don't do that," because it's my problem to work out, but you should warn a sister before you go throwing especially scary clown images all willy nilly.

I hate my stupid phobia.
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