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As a long-time gravy maker, the only thing that squicks me out here is the water mixed with cracklins. Cracklins are a necessary source of fat, and good for flavoring your gravy with your meat. The packet is flour, dried chicken broth, and spices. The ingredients are "secret" because of the "11 herbs and spices" myth.
Making gravy at home, the cracklins (or other fat source) and flour are mixed first, with the liquid (should be broth) added afterward.
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This is stupid. Order directly from the restaurant so they get 100% of the money. These companies already screw over small restaurant owners too much as is.
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You may be in a park, but it may be a relative small park in a high population density, which means that there may be no place "behind" a tree. Highly populated areas have another Eddect: assuming the expected frequency of "behind tree action" and combine it with the expected lifespan of feces, you may arrive at an amount of feces that prevent you from even considering a visit of the park. Big cities, small parks and lots of bowel movement require public toilets.
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Very nice idea. I would not hesitate to use it. Just a sinlge question is bothering me: is the fully transparent state or the opaque state of the glass the one that requires electical power? I just wonder as in case of a power failure will your on ceramic action be visible or will you be covered in opaquness?
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This is gonna sound weird but it's something I've thought about - you eventually get everything. Think about it - if you expire but you never had cancer - it just means you expired before you got it. But there's no reason to believe that you wouldn't eventually get it. I guess what I'm saying is, enjoy life, and don't stress yourself over avoiding every possible thing you could get. Just do the best you can. Like the boy scout saying goes "always leave it better than you found it".
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"It is a singular consciousness that spawned an entire race of humans. We don't know who struck first, us or them. But we know that it was us that warmed the globe. At the time they were dependent on petrochemical power and it was believed that they would be unable to survive without an energy source as abundant as oil. Throughout bovine history, we have been dependent on humans to survive. Fate it seems is not without a sense of irony. The bovine body generates 500 liters of greenhouse gasses in the form of methane a day. Combined with a form of fusion the humans have found all the energy they would ever need. There are fields, endless fields, where cows are no longer born, we are grown. For the longest time I wouldn't believe it, and then I saw the fields with my own eyes. Watch them liquefy the dead so they could be fed intravenously to the living. And standing there, facing the pure horrifying precision, I came to realize the obviousness of the truth. What is The Mootrix? Control. The Mootrix is a computer generated dream world built to keep us under control in order to change a cow into beef. " - Moopheus
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