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Green Screened Moments From The 2016 Summer Olympics In Rio

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Green seemed to be a dominant color in the Olympic Games Rio 2016- the green Reals Brazil paid to host the games, the green courts and fields where the games were played, the green backdrops, the green water in the pool...

It's safe to say green is the color which best symbolizes the 2016 Olympics, so creating some “green screened” Olympic moments makes perfect sense!

The green backdrops found throughout the Games made it easy for digital manipulator and Imgur user factionman to place the tennis court in any environment- so he naturally chose outer space.

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And even the gymnasts discovered they weren't safe from the green screen treatment even though they performed their floor routines on a tan mat.

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-Via Mashable, CollegeHumor, PetaPixel

McDonald's Asked People To Invent Their Own Burgers, The Internet Complied

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Corporations have been looking to the internet for help since the very beginning...and it has never worked out well for them.

Nowadays these corporations are just looking for the viral boost these epic online poll fails provide, and yet they're never really prepared for the trolling they receive.

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McDonald's New Zealand asked the internet community to use their app and invent their own burgers, and what they got was the Sad European, the Carbonator and something called Girth.

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As expected the app has been removed from the McDonald's New Zealand website, so no tasteless burger designing for you, but I'm sure another internet poll worthy of trolling to come along soon!

-Via FAILBlog

How Disney Parks Make Sure You Don't Lose An Arm On Their Rides

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They tell you to keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all time knowing riders will disobey because they've been taught that rollercoasters are most fun when your arms are in the air.

But Disney parks have a reputation for being tidy, orderly and accident free, so how do they protect themselves from those rebel riders who refuse to keep their arms inside the car?

They use this crazy looking contraption called the “envelope of protection”, which is covered in small pieces of wood that approximate the farthest points a rider can reach out on all sides.

If any pieces are knocked off during the coaster's run the ride's safety engineers can locate the problem spot and help prevent future limb loss.

-Via LAist

McDonald's Happy Meal Toys for Adults

My kids love to eat McDonald's Happy Meals. For them, the best part of each one is the toy inside. What will it be? It's always the first thing that they check.

The prize is almost always a small plastic toy. That's fun sometimes. But if you're past childhood (in the legal or psychological definition), then it may not be enough. BuzzFeed suggests 12 Happy Meal toys that McDonald's could market to adults--and specifically 20-somethings. These include an app that reminds you to call your parents, a jar of Nutella, and a neck pillow.

Crow Rides on the Back of an Eagle

Photographer Phoo Chan spotted this incredible scene in Seabrook, Washington. A crow landed on the back of a bald eagle in mid-flight and rode there briefly. The eagle did not seem to object and the crow flew away after a short time. You can see more photos of this encounter at the Daily Mail.

-via The Soul Is Bone

Beautiful Pictures Depicting the View From Airplane Windows

Some people hate air travel, which is understandable considering how uncomfortable the process can be these day, but for many, the discomfort is easy enough to overlook in favor of the excitement of travel. If you fall into the later category, you might just love these amazing artworks made by artist Jim Darling.

By showing the view from an airplane window, he perfectly captured the thrill of coming down to land in a new, unknown location. The images are likely to make you long for that feeling you get when you are just about to explore a new destination.

Via Flavorwire

Asgardian Iron Man Armor

Look at this beautiful suit of custom-made armor! It was fashioned by Samuel Lee of Prince Armory (previously), who specializes in one-of-a-kind cosplay armor. It’s made of leather with brass hardware, and it’s not for sale. Yes, Lee can make you something just as awesome, but he’s got a substantial waiting list. See more pictures at Geeks Are Sexy.

This Disc Golf Hole-in-One Shot Has to be Seen to be Believed

YouTube Link

There is a ton of trees in the 365 feet between the disc golf basket in the woods and the place from which the shot originates. But that didn't stop disc golfer Dave Feldberg as he competed in the Maple Hill Open in Massachusetts. Fredberg, with the help of a fortunate bounce off the ground near the basket, made this most unlikely hole in one. His final score was -12; he tied for seventh place, taking home $1,175. Via Uproxx

Text Me Merry Christmas

(YouTube link)

The a cappella group Straight No Chaser teamed up with actress Kristen Bell to bring us a Christmas song for the interconnected wireless gadget generation. "Text Me Merry Christmas" works on two levels: on the one hand, it’s a sly poke at modern communication customs. But it’s a catchy tune that totally speaks to those who would cherish the perfect text from someone they love. Whether this makes you laugh or makes you share your earbuds will all depend on how old you are. That said, Kristen Bell should look into a career as a pop singer; between this and Frozen, her voice is shining brightly. The song is available for download on iTunes. -via Buzzfeed

Stylist Cuts Hair for the Homeless Because "Every Human Life Is Worth the Same."

Climbing out of homelessness is the pursuit of human dignity. Society at large may express that homeless people are worthless or at least worth less. But Mark Bustos doesn't think so. He wants to restore the dignity of homeless people in New York City.

Bustos is a professional hair stylist at Three Squares Studio, a high-end salon. Every Sunday, he takes a kit of hair cutting tools and seeks out homeless people who need a haircut. He approaches prospective clients and says, "I want to do something nice for you today."

Afterward, when his clients look better, they feel better about themselves. 

-via Huffington Post


(Funny or Die link)

As we reach further and further into the depths to come up with new shark movies and shark TV shows to fill out Shark Week, Funny or Die has opened an entirely new can of worms by mashing up a terrifying shark with old TV characters we know and love. In Sharklumbo, the shark is a shark, but he’s also detective Columbo.  

25 Creative Buildings Around the World

Image: Akademi Fantasia

Architectural achievements in any given region are an important aspect of its culture and identity, as well as a means to improve the economy via tourism. These examples of unusual architecture across the globe are monuments to the creative ingenuity of humankind.  

Pictured above is the "Crooked House" in Sopot, Poland, built in 2004 as a tribute to children's book illustrator Jan Marcin Szancer. Designed by architects SzotyƄscy & Zaleski, the 43,000-square-foot structure houses a shopping center. 

See the other striking structures featured in the article "25 Creative Buildings Around the World" here.

Barcode Buildiing ~ St. Petersburg, Russia
Image: Funny Buildings

Atomium ~ Brussels, Belgium
joeri Goossens via Panoramio

Crazy House ~ Dalat, Vietnam
Photo via: 

Basque Health Department Headquarters ~ BilBao, Spain
Image: Permaframe 

Adventure Time Chair

What makes this antique restoration perfect is that the chair almost seems originally designed to look like Finn. It wasn't, of course, but redditor reallylovely saw how its forms perfectly fit as a kawaii version of Finn.

She saw the old chair at an antique shop and saw in her mind the image of Finn on the back. She painted it with acrylic, including glow-in-the-dark paint on Finn's socks and hood. For the seat, she used a pre-existing piece of Adventure Time fabric, but also embroidered details on Jake's face herself.

-via Geek Crafts

Dog Plays Fetch Alone

(YouTube link)

We’ve seen some videos here and there of dogs throwing their own ball to fetch, but can you think of a better place to do it than a boat ramp? The ball gets its own momentum, and the dog gets to swim, too, as long as he’s not in a big hurry to catch the ball. This dog’s got it all figured out! -via Tastefully Offensive

No Guardians of the Galaxy for You

The reviews for Guardians of the Galaxy are quite positive, but that doesn’t help much when you go to a theater and they show the wrong movie. Some people went to see Guardians of the Galaxy on its opening night, but were instead shown Rise of the Guardians, the 2012 animated film. The reactions were immediately posted on Twitter.

"omg," one moviegoer tweeted. "they started playing rise of the guardians instead of guardians of the galaxy."

How in the galaxy did that happen?


Then it happened again ... and again, possibly in more than one location, according by the tweets.

A Regal Cinema theater in Virginia tried a reset, but after previews, the wrong movie began again. Maybe the third time would be the charm? No.

Dean Browell, who was sitting in the audience with his 10-year-old daughter, says they sat through 15 minutes of previews, followed by five minutes of the animated movie before an employee popped in to say they were trying to fix the situation.

The audience then withstood the same 15 minutes of previews again … only for Rise of the Guardians to start playing once more. At this point, the theater offered to give people tickets to a later 3D Imax showing, and about half the people at the 2D screening took them up on the offer.

But the other screening was too late for the Browells, so they persevered.

"There was a 10 minute wait, then the lights went down again and the third go of previews started, this time with the new Interstellar one, which gave us hope," Browell tells The Hollywood Reporter.

No luck. Rise started playing a third time — to major expletives from the agitated crowd.

Browell and the other audience members got a refund, tickets for another showing, and a movie poster. Maybe today’s showings will be pre-screened to make sure the labels are correct, because no one likes to be rickrolled when they’ve already bought the ticket, the popcorn, and the drinks.   

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