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I wonder if it could backfire on them: people will say, "I'll wait for the extended version to come out," --- killing the first-run receipts. This will force Disney et al. to make and release the extended version or stop the practice altogether.
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Consider it preparation for the next phase when zero-emission facilities come on-line. Also, I heard this about e-cars: it costs less per mile to operate an EV than a gas car. Even better news in Northwest Indiana:
"The IN-Charge Program is available to current NIPSCO electric utility customers who own or plan to purchase an electric vehicle. Participants will receive an instant credit of up to $1,650 toward the installation of a residential electric vehicle Level 2 charger, and free charging between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. daily." https://www.thenewsdispatch.com/news/local/article_bc2b761a-daa7-5c2d-a264-86fb86654666.html
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Real doctors I have known:
Dr. Sy [/see/], ophthalmology
Dr. Pulmano, pulmonology
Dr. Tian, gastroenterology .... "tiyan" in Filipino means stomach or abdomen.
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I suppose that a real historian would pursue an investigation in Japan. But wouldn't something have come out by now? And yes, the History Channel is no place for answers.
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The São Paulo Museum of Art: freight container under a crane.
The National Congress of Brazil: boxes of cereal and a bowl.
The IST building: skeleton of dimetrodon.
Casa Mila: Alright, that one's cool.
Naw, they're all cool!
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