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A shark not known to prey on swordfish, and they don't compete for the same prey? Let's explore the possibility of a romantic relationship turned sour. And find the swordfish; bring it in for questioning...
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There's a story I heard about a whaling town in the 1800s that developed a relationship with orcas. Orcas would signal the humans that a whale was near and would herd the whale into a bay where the whalers would have easy pickins. In exchange for the orcas' service, the whalers would give them access to the whale carcass. The relationship ended after some incident causing the pod to leave the arrangement.
If only we could have that relationship today so that they could handle the great whites. Great whites, you may already know, fear orcas.
People like to say that sharks are misunderstood and 'encounters' are rare. Well, as this post shows, things can change. As long as I don't have a strong urge to be on or in the ocean, I can easily avoid it.
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All high school students should learn statistics as a matter of critical thinking. No longer should it be said, "I played video games, and I'm not violent" (I'm not saying that video games causes violent behavior, but that the reason given in the quote is not the right reason), or "My grandmother smoked, and she lived to age 90" (it may be true, but it's not a good defense of smoking behavior, if there even is one).
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Beetle health official: 93% survive, meaning 7% die. Avoid frogs if you can.
Beetle wingnut: I was et by a frog, and I'm still alive! Killer frogs are a hoax! My beetle freedom!
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