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Every motorist has to pick a speed which allows him to stop for unforeseen obstacles under any weather conditions.
A kid running onto the street for a dog or a ball won't put up cones either, so clearly the drivers are to blame in this case!
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Beer barrels are more rounded, shorter, and the metal hoops are sturdier as beer barrels not only have to hold the liquid, but also have to withstand the CO2 pressure of a carbonated beverage. Beer can easily develop 200kPa (30 PSI) of pressure or more...

I'm a brewer and maltster btw... :-)
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You would probably be very surprised if you knew how flabbergasted I am at discovering some supposedly "european" stuff in north-American supermarkets or restaurants...

What is a "flabber" anyway? And why is it it "gasted"?
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I am amazed at how nobody seems to care too much about safety in this video! No ropes, no flotation devices, no ladders, standing very close to a hole in the ice (that has proven to be unstable)...
I agree with Daniel: very nice work indeed, and I hope I will remember this technique if I ever will need it!
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