The Indianapolis Cable Truck Incident

A video recorded several crashes and even more cars that slid off the road in Indianapolis Tuesday when drivers crested a slight hill that obscured their view of a Comcast Xfinity repair truck parked in the right lane. The road was covered in slushy snow, falling snow further hampered visibility, and braking was difficult.

(YouTube link)

Comcast has issued a statement about the video. -via The Daily Dot

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With ice, there is no safe speed. Doubly true on the downslope of a hill. Should all road traffic stop in winter?
There's no excuse for failing to remedy the problem you are causing, after multiple accidents have occurred to prove the danger.
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Every motorist has to pick a speed which allows him to stop for unforeseen obstacles under any weather conditions.
A kid running onto the street for a dog or a ball won't put up cones either, so clearly the drivers are to blame in this case!
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Any sane person would have agreed that repairing that line, at that time caused more harm than good not only to the motorists but also to the reputation of the company. As well, employees were warned about the hazard they were creating and publicly, on camera, stated that they did not care.

Comcast will be paying for damages and they should be praying that there are no hospital bills nor deaths.
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It's the responsibility of a driver to pick a speed such that they can stop if something is in the road, which means slowing in cases of bad visibility like a hill or when the road is not great condition. There are many things that can be in the road, whether repair truck, large tree branch, someone driving too slow, some guy running around filming accidents, etc.

Also, every linesman and telecom repairman I've known has mentioned at least once how they have strict rules about where to park their truck when doing work. Even in the best conditions, accidents happen, and it tends to be much easier to deal with smashed vehicles than a smashed person. Regardless of the reasons, arguing with a worker over a potentially strict company policy is going to just be bad for everyone involved, especially when standing somewhere that you've already stated has bad visibility...
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