Watch a Master Truck Driver Slide His Trailer into a Parking Spot

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At the elite level, truck drivers are like the Top Gun fighter pilots of the highways. They can quickly move enormous, complex vehicles into tight spots and make it look effortless. Watch this driver move his 53-foot trailer into a parking spot like he's going for a casual trip.

-via The Presurfer

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A rather dim comparison maybe, but it brought back childhood memories of watching my dad back hay wagons into the barn- he was perfect every single time! And fast.
To the commentors who didn't realize they had such a super skill- You've never seen some of the rest of us trying to get into a spot with a much smaller vehicle??? ;) (There is a reason we're not driving a big rig! ha!)
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Lol - I was unimpressed as well. I thought it was just me. I was waiting for something different to happen. Seeing you post, I realized that what you or I do on a daily basis, may seem amazing to someone who is not in transportation.
They may also think that the guy walking around is just a pedestrian. When he is actually helping the driver.
Ftr- I drive a school bus.
There is the rare occassion when I have to parallel park the bus. When people stop and watch. Then the pressure is on to impress.
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