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Loved the series and I saw this the other day... was disappointed that Ulysse seems unaware of Akira (Tetsuo and the numbered children, anyone?!?!)
And The Fury.
He might just be too young for the latter, but any film buff worth his/her salt should be very familiar with the former.
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If reality TV has taught us anything, it's that it is a *very* bad idea for society when we start rewarding bad/angry behavior. :(
I'd rather Mars initiate a rewards system when we're kinder and more humane to one another.
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Actually I think the issue with "gray" vs "grey" might be less about recent pop culture and is the same reason as "canceled" vs "cancelled". UK vs US spelling. It popped up in my life/work often even before the recent horrible book series.

In my job I handle global content and the UK vs. US spellings often come up as an issue to those not in the know (aside from the obvious color/colour and theater/theatre, etc). I've been in the midst of many discussions about "misspelled content" due to people not being aware that they are looking at Euro English vs. US English. "Cancelled" is always a big one that many people are unaware of, which is why I think it hits so many times on this list. People have a recollection of seeing it both ways (correctly in context) at times.
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Soooooo.. nothing taller than an average passenger car is allowed on urban Chinese streets?
Looking at pictures I see plenty of minivan type vehicles there that would probably be higher than the 2 meter clearance stated in the article (even after removing the standard buses that this would replace).
But I also see that their highways are *significantly* wider than ours in terms of lanes, so I guess they'd just deem a couple of them as "bus straddle" lanes where only cars of a certain height are allowed.
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The writing in the 4th image (blue ink on white paper) reminds me massively of the handwriting of Dr. Ching in Drawing: A Creative Process
If you "Look Inside" on Amazon you can see his lettering. The entire book was done by hand... all text, illustrations, "stencil" titles... impressive. It was standard issue and considered the "bible" in university level 1 ARCH.
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Interesting... not that helicopters can autorotate, but that NdGT didn't know about it. (Although I find it hard to believe he was truly completely unaware of the concept).

My life has had no affiliation with aviation beyond being a usual air traveler for business/vacations but I've known about autorotation since I was in grade school. Our science teacher pointed out that it was one of the things that made helicopters so cool and gave us a quick explanation of the concept.

-1 to Neil for being wrong and another -1 to him for inaccurate self-assurance without questioning himself first.
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