Guy Straps Himself Into Falling Helicopter To Prove Neil deGrasse Tyson Wrong

People who question or disagree with a scientific theory often have a hard time proving the theory is wrong, and if they want their proof to resonate with the internet community they must put the proof on video.

So when Destin Sandlin, host of SmarterEveryDay, took issue with a Tweet sent by Neil deGrasse Tyson claiming “A helicopter whose engine fails is a brick” he knew he'd actually have to ride in a falling 'copter to debunk the theory.

(YouTube Link)

Strapping yourself into a falling helicopter to prove it can be landed safely using physics is both sheer lunacy and the most thrilling scientific theory debunking ever caught on video.

-Via Laughing Squid

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Interesting... not that helicopters can autorotate, but that NdGT didn't know about it. (Although I find it hard to believe he was truly completely unaware of the concept).

My life has had no affiliation with aviation beyond being a usual air traveler for business/vacations but I've known about autorotation since I was in grade school. Our science teacher pointed out that it was one of the things that made helicopters so cool and gave us a quick explanation of the concept.

-1 to Neil for being wrong and another -1 to him for inaccurate self-assurance without questioning himself first.
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