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While that's an easy target, the real problem is subtler than that. It was best-evidenced in the retooling of the original trilogy. Mos Eisley (a more wretched hive of scum and villainy you won't find anywhere) was suddenly punctuated with slapsticky jawa scenes and goofball, unnecessary additions (like Han walking on Jabba). It totally destroyed the ominous vibe of the place from when I first saw it as a child. And that is one of many examples where Lucas destroyed his own creation. 3PO and R2 were meant to be the Rosencrantz and Gildenstern comedy sideline, and they served that need well. Saturating the entire world with goofy fare just ruined it all. And that misguided "revamped" vibe seemed to pervade the entirety of the prequels.
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I fall exactly in the center of all four in that I do not know (or claim any ability to know/deduce) for certain (nor does anyone else currently alive on this planet) if there is or is not a god and I even have no claims on the veracity of that position as itself is in no way supported/refuted by any evidence presented to me in almost 45 years.
I am a true Agnostic. I don't know and it is impossible to know until I die.
Living humans arguing about the nature of god are like blind men arguing about the color of a bird whose wings they heard flapping nearby, when there is also the possibility it was nothing but a gust of wind.
Shut up, live your life by the golden rule and you'll find out when you die.
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For me, the Tom Jones "signature" song will always be "She's a Lady". I used to listen to my parents' 45 repeatedly starting when I was 5 or 6. The howling guitar intro and his stabbing, semi-staccato description of "her" qualities had me riveted. It definitely informed my later opinions of what to look for in girls. :P
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Wow. I was going to come in and make my best snarky comment... but anything I could have conjured was immediately smacked out of the universe in its larval state by yours. Top drawer... top, top drawer. :)
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Neti pot.
After years of refusing (seemed like an "old fogey's" remedy and even though I'm in my 40s I don't feel *that* old) I finally tried it this year to alleviate seasonal allergies. Works great!
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