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I think we'd probably end up with a better bunch running the show in Washington, DC if all federal elected positions were filled this way. Never mind the vote, just draw cards/straws/roll dice/flip a coin/whatever. What we're doing now doesn't seem to be working very well.
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Given that it's India, the title should read, "Rainbow Frog is Worshiped as a God" rather than "... Worshiped as God". There is a difference between a god (lower-case 'g') and God (upper-case 'G').
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Bah. Celebrity schmelebrity. What have any of these people accomplished other than doing a good job of pretending they're someone else or screwing in front of a camera?
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Wow, Betseflets. Don't even know where to start on your revisionist history there. My wife's parents both lived in the Netherlands when Canadians and Americans arrived to liberate the country. But even if there were no Americans involved, a little gratitude for the sacrifices made by so many Americans on behalf of all of Europe would be more appropriate than your skewed historical recollection. Perhaps you'd prefer if we had left you to the 3rd Reich?

As for your claim about US forces policy to "kill am all an let god sort them out"... is really too much. Maybe you shouldn't be getting your history from the Internet.
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"This banana's loaded, and I know how to use it!"

Direct quote from my son when he was about 4 or 5. No idea where he got it from, but it gave me a good laugh! All I need is to see a banana to think of that.
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Anybody else reminded of the Amityville Horror?

@Gail Pink: "Well, a cemetary does have a limited amount of land. Maybe it’s “full” and they have no new plots to sell?"

In most cases the cost of a cemetery plot includes a portion that is supposed to go to a long-term maintenance fund that's supposed to keep it afloat; it's not like the Social Security system that depends on more people coming into the system to take care of those that are already in. Most cemetery organizations do a good job of maintaining their finances so that things like this don't happen, but there are exceptions... It shouldn't matter if a cemetery runs out of space and can't sell any more plots; the organization has sold each plot with the promise that the plot will be cared for in perpetuity.
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Good grief; millions of people coming out for Tax Day Tea Parties all across the nation, and Neatorama glurges over the Obamas' new self-propelled dust mop. I know it's not a news site, but you've got to admit the Tea Parties were neat. Dog clothes? Not so much.
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@ JMM: "I was hoping that President Obama would shut down those sites and hope he gets to it soon."

Oh, I'm sure he's getting to it, son, but you might be surprised at what you'll get. Google "cyber security act" to get a glimpse at what he, Nancy & Harry are up to. Be careful what you ask for.

Such hatred for the right wing here... There's a reason it's called 'right' you know. Just like there's a reason for the "left wing" moniker; it sounds much better than "wrong wing".
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