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As a two-time cancer survivor, I can say with some authority that this man has no idea what he's talking about. Most cancers have pain associated with them, and if I'd allowed mine to continue unabated it would've been a long, drawn out, miserable end in a drug-induced haze for me, not to mention a terrible thing for my family to watch. I don't enjoy the effects of morphine or whisky -- morphine doesn't take the pain away, just makes you not care, and whisky just makes you stupid -- and want nothing to do with them now or in my last days.
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Couldn't finish it? Really? I read The Hobbit several times before I finally waded through all three books of The Lord Of The Rings. You really ought to give it another shot. Pick up the version illustrated by Alan Lee; his drawings really add a lot to it.

BTW, happy belated birthday!
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Why bother capturing them? It would be much more efficient and safer to just kill them on sight. It's the best way to deal with an invasive species like that.
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Something similar happened outside my house once. A cop pulled a car over on the street by my house, and I watched as the driver failed his sobriety test. About the time he was handcuffed, another car pulled in behind the cruiser and the driver got out & argued with the cop, presumably about letting the first guy go. That guy got and failed the sobriety test, and was stuffed into the back of the cruiser with his buddy. Meanwhile, the girlfriend of the first guy had been sitting in the passenger seat of the car, but now the car was about to be towed, so the cops shooed her out and on her way. She saw the lights on at my house & came knocking at my door, looking for a place to sleep. I told her to get lost, so she proceeded to try & break into my garage. I alerted the cops who were waiting for the second tow truck, and girlfriend got handcuffed & hauled away.

That was an interesting night.
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Art? I don't think so, Tim.

I'm surprised he was allowed to keep the fat after the procedure. I recently lost two teeth when a tumor on my jaw was excised for biopsy, and lobbied hard to be able to keep the teeth, but wasn't that wasn't allowed.
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The visceral hatred expressed in comments like SquidCap's make me laugh, and it tells me Rand must've been right on. What's scary is seeing so many of the outlandish leftist ideas portrayed in the book coming true today.
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FWIW, it was a state 'inspector' that made the call here, not federal.

My first thought on this story was, did the girl get any vegetables with the hot lunch? And if so, did the veggies end up in the trash bin with the other 90% of the vegetables that are served in the public school lunches? Miss C. hit it dead on; a 4 year old will only eat a small amount, and at that age they are as fussy as they'll ever be. A parent will typically pack a lunch with those things the kid will actually eat; handing her a tray with an institutional hot lunch on it and expecting her to eat it is a real stretch.
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