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What Krikkit said; there are Pinewood Derby cars and there are CO2 racers, and this isn't the former.

@Hiller: The Pinewood cars could weigh no more than 5 ounces. The winning cars always used a combination of clean aerodynamics and smooth-running wheels to win. Running straight also helped, because having the wheels bump against the track edges slows the car considerably. Those were some fun projects!
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Hey, hold on just a sec... Whaddya mean it was found in Arctic ice? I thought with all this global warming going on the polar ice cap was HISTORY!

:rolls eyes:
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Interesting, but whether the 200 million flies could accelerate a car to 40 mph and maintain that speed for any length of time also depends on the maximum airspeed of a laden housefly.
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Watch; in 20 years this guy will be married to Bertha or Margaret or Michelle or somebody other than Brenda, and Brenda's name will come up every time they have an argument. (That actually happened with my Dad, except he got a heart tattoo on his arm with his girlfriend's name - Esther - in a banner across it. Then he married Celeste. Bad, bad idea.)
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Hmmm... Good point. I saw the trailer recently, and hadn't thought of the karate/China angle; karate originated on Okinawa, and you can ask Pai Mei what the average Chinese martial arts master thinks of Japan. Barack Obama apparently isn't the only one who didn't do his homework on Chinese/Japanese relations.
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That reminds me of the failed demolition of the Zip Feed Mill in my hometown of Sioux Falls, SD, several years back. Search YouTube for "zip feed mill demolition" for video; the building dropped part of the way then stopped with a significant lean. Had to finish it off with a crane & wrecking ball!
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I read this years ago in a Dilbert strip; it's widely known as Dilbert's "Salary Theorem". Did Scott Adams come up with it, or did he borrow it from elsewhere?
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I've got an idea; have everyone who thinks population control is a good idea take a long walk on a short pier. That'll achieve two things -- the population reduction you all think is necessary, and the rest of us won't have to listen to your incessant blathering.

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Sounds like a good tactic, especially with the 'green' shopping bags that are so popular these days; stroll through the store & fill the open bags in the cart, then walk out the door as if you've already paid.

And enemyswim... I too live in SF, and it's a great place to live & raise a family. With an attitude like that about this fine city, your roots here can't be so deep that you can't pull up & move. It's a free country; check it out, and make SF better with your absence.
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Very cool. I saw something like that in 1990-something -- don't remember exactly when -- driving out in the middle of nowhere in South Dakota. What I saw wasn't as bright as that one, and it was green. I thought it was probably a meteor, something I had seen many times before and since, but never leaving a trail that bright, and never with a flash like that.
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If there's anywhere on earth that this would work it's on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean; a virtually unlimited supply of water (and no, dru, it wouldn't drain the oceans; have you ever seen an ocean?) and a nuclear powerplant under the deck. Bump up the output of the reactor just a tad and you've got fuel to burn.
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