Human Fat Soap

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It's like art imitating Fight Club. Miami-based artist Orestes de la Paz not only put his heart and soul into his latest artistic endeavor, but also his fat. Literally:

Orestes de la Paz underwent a liposuction procedure in December of last year, and decided to turn the removed fat into soap to prevent it from going rancid. He came up with the idea for his art thesis after realizing that “clients are willing to try anything to feel and look beautiful, even to the extent of buying products with human elements in them (stem cells, placenta, semen; you name it, it’s out there.)” [...]

Apart from coconut oil, organic vegetable shortening, lavender and tree tea oils, as well as other cosmetics ingredients, his unique soap bars are 25% human fat, which apparently leaves the user’s hands soft after washing. “There’s always a certain amount of blood, sweat, and tears that goes into any artwork. I just make it more explicit,” the artist said about his bizarre project.

OddityCentral has more (including the video clip you shouldn't watch if you're squeamish): Link

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This might as well be called "I'm a huge fan of Fight Club, and would love to call myself an artist, but I can't come up with a single original idea, so I'll imitate someone else's art/literature and call it my own."
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Art? I don't think so, Tim.

I'm surprised he was allowed to keep the fat after the procedure. I recently lost two teeth when a tumor on my jaw was excised for biopsy, and lobbied hard to be able to keep the teeth, but wasn't that wasn't allowed.
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"his unique soap bars are 25% human fat, which apparently leaves the user’s hands soft after washing."
Having made soap from scratch for a few years, and after looking at his video of how he made it, I'm going to say that your hands are soft, mostly due to the coconut oil and the "crisco".
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