Ten Stupid Funny Ads From Super Bowls Past

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You may refer to the type of humor found in these Super Bowl ads as irreverent, juvenile, surreal, abstract, strange, ridiculous or super silly, but I prefer to think of this particular brand of humor as Stupid Funny.

They're the kind of ads that make you say "that's so stupid!" while you're LOLing, ROFLing and trying not to choke on your chips, and no matter what your mood the ridiculousness of it all is sure to put a smile on your face! 

1. E*Trade- We Just Wasted 2 Million Dollars (2000)-

E*Trade decided to tickle our funny bones with a chimpanzee and tickle our brains with commentary on the ridiculously high prices paid for Super Bowl advertising with this stupid funny ad.

This ad also introduces the E*Trade Monkey, who subsequently cashed in his stock in the company and bought a cute little cabin on Bora Bora.

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2. EDS (an HP Company)- Cat Herders (2000)-

I'm pretty sure the old cowboy tune goes "git along lil dogies", but since the ad company was clearly trying to appeal to an ever growing internet culture they canned the canines and brought in a herd of wild kitties. Does that mean these guys are a posse of catboys?

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3. Doritos- Snack Attack Samurai (2010)-

If you think Doritos are murder on the roof of your mouth imagine how dangerous they can be in the hands of a martial arts master! 

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4. FedEx- Stick (2006)-

When cavemen absolutely, positively need a stick delivered on time they tend to go with a pterodactyl delivery service, which normally ends in disaster. If only those crafty cavefolks had put their minds to something besides clubbing and rubbing sticks together they could have been millionaires!

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5. Taco Bell- Live Mas (2013)-

The food they serve at Taco Bell may not help you live a long and healthy life, but if you've lived long enough to reach your golden years you might as well cut loose and eat like a kid again!

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6. Audi- Doberhuahua (2014)-

The world of canine crossbreeding is about to get a whole lot stranger thanks to the creation of the Doberhuahua! It's the only purse dog that will actually protect you from muggers, and their massive heads make great doorstops.

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7. Wonderful Pistachioes- Stephen Colbert (2014)-

If you're looking to add some stupid funny factor to your commercial spot then you gotta bring Stephen Colbert on board, and an eagle with an incredible sense of comedic timing.

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8. Miller- Evil Beaver (1998)-

Think beavers aren't the most badass critters found in the woods? Think again, because when it's Miller TIme the beavers won't let anything stop them from getting their paws on a frosty brew!

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9. Doritos- Goat 4 Sale (2013)-

Owning a goat may seem like a dream come true, but if you're a Doritoholic and don't want anyone tearing into your stash you're better off sticking with a cat or a goldfish. Beware the goat's scream, for it signifies your doom!

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10. Bridgestone- Scream (2008)-

When a squirrel sees its life flashing before its tiny eyes what does it see? Nuts? Trees? Apparently they see distracted drivers who are too busy spacing out to hear the cacophony of screams all around them. No squirrels were harmed in the making of this ad, but one gopher had to be hospitalized due to food poisoning from the slop served up at the craft services table.

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Here's hoping a new batch of stupid funny Super Bowl ads come out each year to keep us chuckling until seven layer dip comes squirting out of our noses! Happy Superbowling!

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I don't recall such a post, but that doesn't mean anything. I don't normally watch the Super Bowl, since everything worth watching will be on the net either before or after.
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Miss C., I could have sworn that you had a post about the 10 most effective super bowl ads of all time, but cannot find any reference to it.
Here is what I could find on the web: anything you would add or remove?
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