Things That Every 18-Year-Old Should Know

John Hawkins of Right Wing News blog wrote about 50 things that every 18-year-old should know. I wish I knew these two when I was younger, it would've saved me a lot of grief:

When men have a problem and they tell you about it, they want to know how to fix it. When women have a problem and they tell you about it, they just want you to listen.

If you get into a business deal with someone who goes to unusual lengths to convince you of how honest or Christian they are, watch your wallet and make sure you have an iron clad contract. They "doth protest too much." - via The Zeray Gazette

What else would you add to the list?

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Porn---But not for much longer if our commie leader has his way though, right Dave? Bwahahaha...

Nothing so deliciously schadenfreude-tastic as seeing the scary expansions of power and tromping of privacies put in place and defended mightily by the right wing over the last 8 years come to bite those same factions in the a*s and hear them call foul over it.

Obama's defense and perpetuation of these disgusting abuses is abhorrent, but not more so than when the right was giving birth to that Rosemary's baby and every Malkinesque talking head was singing lullabies about "What? You don't have anything to worry about if you haven't done anything wrong."

Mmhmm. Did you honestly think those abuses would only ever apply to those horrible leftists? You open Pandora's box, eventually everyone gets f*cked up the--I mean, suffers the consequences.

As for the list? Kind of boring, no?
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Yeah, maybe I should have just said copyright infringement. The source was linked to, but you copied it word-for-word. It's infringement of some sort when you photocopy too many pages out of a textbook, or use too much of a quote from an article.

I think Thomas is right. It's the longest I've seen. Sadly, the longest ones just get skimmed over. You should possibly have just posted your own response, although logistically it wouldn't have worked as well.
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@Thomas: Err,thanks. I'm sure it's not the record, though.

@ted: I'm pretty sure that the material now posted on Neatorama is not plagiarism -- it is properly credited, there is no attempt to claim ownership of work done by the original author and it is quite clearly commentary. I agree that the list was too long to begin with, and what I wrote certainly doesn't resolve that problem, but I was just trying to stay awake. I guess I'm happy you're impressed, though.

Thanks to everyone who read all (or any) of that, and apologies to the editors and moderators at Neatorama. It did keep me awake for a while and hopefully it helped one or two other people as well.
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