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Anyone interested in learning more about modern dance and how it grew from classical ballet should read John Martin's "The Modern Dance." It's one of the standard works on the subject, very thorough yet approachable.
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I've had long discussions with proponents of street art, and I still can't understand how it's anything other than vandalism. Maybe it looks neat (this one does) or is thought-provoking (this one isn't), but I think most of us would be pretty upset if someone painted a mural on our home. Maybe I'm just terminally unhip.
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Adam Polansky gets it. This isn't about shaming kids into doing something about their weight. The children's lives are threatened, generally because of lifestyles and habits they pick up from their parents.

As for obesity being a "fabricated epidemic," that's just reactionary hogwash. Twenty years ago, no state had over 20% obesity rate among adults. Today, EVERY state does. Things are changing, and it's going to result in unimaginable health-care costs when it really starts catching up with us.
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@nihil: "I think rather than opt-out, it'd be better if it was a 'we need a yes or no on file'."

Sure, but what do they do when someone dies and there's NOT a yes or no on file? That's what determines whether it's an opt-in or opt-out system.

@B.M. We'll see if your answer changes when you're facing death because no one will donate a kidney.
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One of the biggest hurdles recovering alcoholics face is that they don't fit in in social situations anymore. They feel awkward around drinkers and are tempted to either become hermits or start drinking again.

This could be a big boon to some of them. More power to them.

Those who think it's stupid are reminded that they are not obligated to buy it.
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My bank, SunTrust, announced recently that it would begin charging $5/month for using of a debit or ATM card, plus a $7/month "maintenance fee." (There was no clarification of what maintenance, exactly, I would be receiving.)

My checking account is already a loan from me to the bank at 0% APR, which they then loan out at substantially higher rates. There's no f&*%ing way I'm going to pay them a monthly fee for the convenience of having access to my money.

I've now switched to USAA credit union, and sent SunTrust a detailed explanation of my view of the matter, and pointing out that they're losing--no, they HAVE LOST--a 16-year customer over $12/month.
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