A magazine ad from Levi's says, "Hotness comes in all shapes and sizes." The illustration makes that very clear. These women come in, uh, well, they seem to be all the same model size, but if you look really, really close, you can see they are very slightly different in shape ...or who are they kidding? They are all model-shaped. Link

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the shape of the ad itself would make it impossible to include very obese women

also i can't see any reason why levis would be obligated to do so

addressing obesity is the job of the us government and health organizations

(also adults themselves)

levis makes pants and is therefore not responsible to do anything beyond manufacturing products that fit their advertised description
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I can only assume they are referring to the differences in waste, hip, and groin shape, for women who want tight fitting jeans regardless. Still a stupid advertisement with the wrong connotation though - that only addresses shape, not size.

Or maybe the intern in charge of the ad just grabbed the profiles of the women he liked best. :)

Also, I'm such a guy, first difference I looked at was chest size. :P
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Levi's is not obligated to include obese women. However, their ad comes across as trying to market to women who are not models. This is where Levi's is either just plain ignorant as to what constitutes "all shapes and sizes" or they are trying to tell certain women that Levi's is not the choice for them. Either way it is insulting.

Levi's would have done better to just stick with a normal ad than to pull a stunt like this. This one will alienate quite a few people and not just people who are obese. There are plenty of people who are fuller figure who are not fat. There are plenty of people who may be in athletic shape or are super thin models who would be offended by the message in the ad and decide to just not buy Levi's.

In the end, no good can come from an ad like this.
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