The World's First Non-Alcoholic Whiskey

You know what you never hear people say? "I really love the taste of whiskey, but I sure wish it didn't get me drunk." Yet, from the annals of incredibly stupid ideas comes ArKay, the O'Douls of whiskey.

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@tg13 whiskey is specifically a product of Ireland. I know of no such drink that comes in a plactic bottle, nor do I know of any that is not true blended whiskey. There is certainly no whiskey (ie made in Ireland) or scotch whisky (ie made in scotland) that is made in the way you suggest. Can you provide any evidence that such a drink exists? If it ain't whiskey or scotch whisky then it's just a grain spirit.
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most "blended" whiskey (of the plastic bottle variety) are nothing more than synthetic flavor packets added to ethanol(cheap vodka).. i suspect that this tastes like the typical well whiskeys used in most bars for mixing.. only without the cheap ethanol taste..

this could be used as an extender for whiskey to make low alcohol mixed drinks.. or as a whiskey substitute in a mixed drink, with the alcohol coming from a strong vodka.. there are uses for it..

but, this is directed specifically towards Halal consumers..

they could have done a better job on the labeling/marketing and the name..
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@harleycowboy it's a nice idea, but it's a synthesized whisky flavoured drink rather than whisky with the alcohol removed. Which is why it will probabl taste nothing like whisky.

I've been trying to get my hands on some to give it a try, but so far no luck. I've never tasted alcohol free "beer" that tastes anything like beer, so I don't hold out much hope. Although I am willing to be surprised.
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