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Doctor Who Meets Disney

Isn’t it every girls dream to be swept away on a magic carpet ride, under the sea, with a glass slipper- into a TARDIS? I mean that is how I pick up girls... ...because I just happen to have a spare time and dimension traveling device laying around.

Some fan art of Ducktor Who Doctor Who is here to help that happen. Created by Karen Hallion of Society6, these whovian prints are available at her store.

-Via The Monica Bird     

Epic R/C Race

Growing up, I loved pretty much anything that was remote controlled. I would race cars, play this video game where you pretended to have a remote control airplane, even tried to turn my model boat into a r/c racing ship (alas, she sunk within seconds of launch). So excuse me for loving this video.

Bonus points if you can spot Christopher Boykin from Rob & Big.

-Via Tastefully Offensive  

One Sick Pumpkin

The most underrated part of this pumpkin is the hat, “I don’t get drunk / I get Awesome!” Clearly, Mr. Pumpkin, things did not go your way last night.

Check out pumpkin stuff at our Neatoshop.

-Via Unique Daily


I never get the candy I want for Halloween either... then again I don’t know of anyone that hands out Whiskey Bacon. Step your treat game up people.

Bacon at the Neatoshop.

-Tastefully Offensive | Liz Climo  

The Terrorist Bride

The downfall of the al-Qaeda could be their affinity for Western women. According to a report released through a Danish Newspaper (Jyllands Posten), a man named Morten Storm worked as a double agent for Denmark and the CIA in an attempt to capture Anwar al-Awlaki, an al-Qaeda leader and cleric.

For six years Storm allegedly worked undercover as a Muslim, and established connections with al-Awlaki. When al-Awlaki went into hiding, he contacted Storm to help him procure a wife- a western wife. While the man already had two wives of his own, they didn’t understand his western way of thinking and were not in hiding with him.

A Croatian woman and Muslim convert by the name of Aminah was eventually set as his bride to be. Storm was the matchmaker and Aminah was oblivious to the fact that he was working with Western powers. While the two (Al-Awlaki and Aminah) were eventually married, the plan to capture Al-Awlaki through tracking devices was foiled. A suitcase given to Aminah by Storm, carrying a very important tracking device, was left behind in a hotel room and the mission failed.

Al-Awlaki was later killed by U.S. drone strikes and Storm claims this was only possible because of intelligence gathered by him. The CIA hasn’t commented on the story.

Watch an interview on Wired.

-Via CNN

Serious Concussion Leads to Accidental Musical Genius

Derek Amato (photograph by Matt Nager) dove into the shallow end and emerged a genius, literally. At 39, Broughton hit his head after carelessly diving into the shallow end of a pool and was diagnosed with a severe concussion. He was told that he would lose 39% of his hearing over time, as well as his memory. What he wasn’t told is that he would emerge a musical savant.

It's as if my knock on the head unlocked something latent, or enabled me to use some part of my brain I simply couldn't access before. But I still can't read or write music conventionally, and have to rely on special software to translate what I play into scores. I've played alongside a classically trained concert pianist, who was fascinated by my technique – in some respects, I play like someone who has just started learning, in others my skills outstripped his. It can be exhausting, though. The music often keeps me up at night, and I'll sometimes wake my girlfriend by "playing" her arm in my sleep.

                                       -The Guardian


Amato says while he is worse off financially now, after the accident he quit his corporate job, but he is much happier concentrating on his music.

Via Unique Daily

Stand Your Ground

We all have heard the terrible story of what happened between the young teen Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. How, initially, Zimmerman was set free because what he did was within the constraints of the law under the “Stand Your Ground” policy. It wasn’t until public outcry became so great that Zimmerman was again detained, and eventually charged with second degree murder.

The controversial “Stand Your Ground” policy is visually conceptualized by id-iom. Find more information about the piece and their message at their Flickr page.  

-Thanks id-iom 

Romney vs. Obama: An Epic Rap Battle

How about this, instead of another (boring) debate we have a Presidential Rap Battle? The guys are Epic Rap Battle are already ahead of us.

Without taking sides, the candidates spit out everything from how Mitt thinks Obama won his first election, to exactly what Obama plans to do with his stimulus package (word to the wise- it isn’t pretty).

Check out the video at Tastefully Offensive.

Base Jumping From High Bars

I don’t base jump, I don’t encourage base jumping, and under no circumstances would I recommend attempting a high bar routine while base jumping. Only bad things will happen. Luckily for Mr. Richard Henriksen, he lived to tell the tale- just barely. 

-Via NY Daily News

iPhone Oil Paintings by JK Keller

That is a real iPhone, and that is real oil. Like from his face. Keller has whole selection of them so check it out. 

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Tears of Steel

You know how the story goes. Boy loves girl, girl loves boy, boy gets freaked out by psycho robot hand, girl destroys humanity. Yeah. That’s the good stuff.

Tears of Steal was crowd-funded and produced by an open source 3D creation tool known as Blender. There is more information available about the film and its making at the YouTube channel and official website.

-Via Short of The Week.

Penny Finds Her Brave

Penny has a problem.  She is very brave and she doesn’t know it- or at least according to the people over at

The stop motion video created by the website is part of a program to promote the launch of a new App that helps kids get over their nightly fears. The App is a storybook, bravery detector, night-light all in one and is available at the App Store. Of course if you prefer a physical night-light, you can always find one at our Neatoshop!

Click below for a making of the video.

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Slinkachu Back At You

From the creator of the Shoe Lace Serpent and Inner City Snail, the dynamic artist Slinkachu is at it again with his miniature world. This figure he calls All-Star Nobody.  He has a show on exhibition over at Andipa Gallery in New York City.  

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Friends, family, loved ones, distant relations- there are many things that give you identity. The choices you make, the things you say, and above all the little things you do the little annoying things you do. The things that make me say "Only you are like this.” Don’t ever change.

Brought to us by XKCD

Dance to Dispense

So what you’re saying is I get to show off my Saturday Night Fever moves, in front of all the ladies, AND I get a coke? Where do I sign up?! I need more excuses to dance like an oddly shaped human-robot in my life. Besides, I will need all that sugar after sweating it out on the dance floor. 

First hugs, now dancing. What will they think of next?

Seriously Neatoramanauts, tell us your ideas of what people should do to get a free coke.

 -Via Ulamonge

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