Stand Your Ground

We all have heard the terrible story of what happened between the young teen Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. How, initially, Zimmerman was set free because what he did was within the constraints of the law under the “Stand Your Ground” policy. It wasn’t until public outcry became so great that Zimmerman was again detained, and eventually charged with second degree murder.

The controversial “Stand Your Ground” policy is visually conceptualized by id-iom. Find more information about the piece and their message at their Flickr page.  

-Thanks id-iom 

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Is the viewer supposed to imagine he's an innocent robber about to be murdered in cold blood by the owner of the home he has invaded, wishing in his last moments that the "centuries-old British legal principle" of self-defense had been disposed of by the latest batch of elected criminals?

Or is the viewer having his home robbed, wishing in his last moments that he had a law that permitted him -- in some anachronistic, backwards, "centuries-old British legal" way -- to preserve his own life and the lives of those he loves?
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"Public outcry" should have absolutely nothing to do with the justice system in a nation of laws. But in this case, it wasn't just the "public" (Sharpton, New Black Panther Party with death threats), it was also the U.S. attorney general's office & FBI showing up in Florida and interfering with a state law enforcement matter. It doesn't seem possible that Zimmerman can get a fair trial, because of political interference with the justice system. Also, the "artwork" is pretty lame. As PC art typically is.
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Yes, it would have been better for Zimmerman to let Trayvon kill him by beating his head against the sidewalk. That way we'd know for sure that a murder had occurred instead of having all this trumped up charges stuff going on...
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Stand your ground is only controversial if you believe that people should always give in to bullying and violence, especially women. Otherwise it's nothing more than a codification of common sense and personal rights.
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