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Why, oh why can't I type Chinese in the comments?

Anyway, these things are called tongzidan in Chinese, which is literally "children eggs", not the sensationalized Virgin Boy Eggs news articles like to say.

However, that's as much defense I'll ever offer about this issue. This is a pretty new low for China. I'm just glad nobody's getting hurt over this (I hope).
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Here's hoping you don't get a slew of comments saying how disturbing that image is. Then again, the other images in the link aren't much better.
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I don't know. I'm either not paying attention, jaded, or I've just never found people to be more rude in general nowadays compared to earlier in my life, regardless of the places I've lived in. I find it nice that people would respond at all. In fact, I like it when people say "no problem." Most of the time they say it with a smile, anyway, which is always nice.

And what's wrong with hearing "have a good one" or "you bet"? Maybe it's a local/cultural thing? Maybe we're just looking for alternate ways to say please and thank you as to not sound redundant, or even old-fashioned.

I'm just glad at all that we still smile and generally won't let kind gestures go unacknowledged.
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What's even more sad/hilarious are the replies from those sad/hilarious tweets. Many of them reply with "OMG ITS A JOKE!" or "SARCASM! IT WAS SARCASM GUYS" after being told what was truly happening.

Makes me wonder what they even need an encyclopedia for, anyway.
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I'm not a fan of Winnie the Pooh, but I've always loved the Russian Vinni Pukh. I honestly think he had more charm and made you kind of stop and think.
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You'd be surprised how many of those kinds of meats pretty much fall under four categories: Tastes like chicken; tastes like pork; tastes like beef; tastes fishy.

I'm sure there's a Neatorama post that observed exactly that, but I can't find it at the moment.

I've had alligator and emu before, and I honestly would like to try other exotic animals just to say that I did (where are those lion tacos, again?). Hey, animals are delicious...
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I want to like this costume. I really, really do. But I can't get past the botched up Chinese characters!! :( I'm sorry, I thought I was stronger than this...
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