Is It Time To Ban Gangnam Style?

We used to ask "Where is Ai WeiWei?" Now, we should ask "Why this, Ai WeiWei?"

Ai WeiWei, one of the most influential contemporary artists of our time, has made a Gangnam Style video. He dances like Psy and looks sort of like a fool in his pink shirt and sun glasses. This coming after the release of his Sundance spangled film Never Sorry.

I give up. Is Gangnam Style some enveloping amoeba that will consume all culture? Does this song know no bounds?

I say no more. I am tired of hearing it, and tired of writing about it.

Unfortunately it is not all up to me. Some people over here at Neatorama think that we have a duty to write about subjects our audience is interested in. Whatever. So we leave it up to you, Neatoramanauts, sink or swim? Ban it or keep it? My sanity may hang in the balance.

Ban Gangnam Style?

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I don't really mind it, as with most things moderation is key. I simply just decided not to watch 10+ spoof videos, and only listen to the song every once in a while. It's a fun song!
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As parody goes, this is pretty awful. You'd think that Ai Weiwei of all people could make a quality Gangnam Style parody if he wanted to. You can see from the handcuffs he's wearing and the general buffoonery in the video that gets further and further away from the original video that he's clearly not trying to emulate Gangnam Style. Seems to me that he's making his own statement about the surveillance he's under at the hands of the Chinese government, and the kind of content that actually gets people's attention.
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Continue. If I don't want to see it, I don't click play.

If I never saw another Tokyo Flash post again, I'd be just fine. But I'm not going to demand that they get taken down...others seem to enjoy them. No skin off my nose.
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