Hen Hatches Ducklings

Hilda is a hen who lives at Farmer Palmer's children's activity farm near Poole, Dorset, England. She apparently sat on the wrong nest of eggs and stayed there, keeping them warm, until they hatched. Surprise! The eggs were full of ducklings! Farmer Philip Palmer was unaware until then that the eggs had been laid by a duck.
'Hilda doesn't seem bothered at all - the ducklings follow her around just as chicks would.

'Our ducks and chickens live together so a duck must have laid her eggs and that caused the mix-up.

'When I saw Hilda sitting on some eggs, I thought they were hers or another chicken's and, as she barely moved, I had no idea they were duck eggs.

'She was quite happy to sit there and nest them for the next 28 days and when they hatched I was shocked - instead of chicks, we had ducklings!

'It was so surprising but lovely and she has proved to be very capable at raising them.

'The ducklings aren't aware that their mother is a hen and Hilda is totally unaware that she's actually got a bunch of ducks waddling behind her.

'The ducklings don't leave her side and if they get scared they run for cover under their "mum".

They may notice some day that their mother doesn't want to swim with them. Link -via Fark

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Not that uncommon.
My inlaws have turkeys, ducks & chickens all together and you'll often see a turkey w/ a little chick or duckling following or a chicken with chicks and a duckling etc.
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This was a common technique on farms when I was growing up. Bantam hens were notorious for "broodiness", the propensity to incubate eggs, a trait bred out of many modern breeds.

'Banty' hens were used to hatch the eggs of full-sized chickens, ducks, geese, and guinea fowl. The hilarity that ensued when ducklings discovered their innate desire to splash in puddles befuddled many a little momma hen.

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