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I just had a similar experience. I had a guy flip me off as he passed me because I was driving too slow for his taste. (We had just received about 6" of snow) not 5 seconds later he hooked his tire in the snow berm and crashed into the center median throwing snow everywhere.
I didn't stop. There were other people behind me that did. Felt like instant karma for sure.
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Please and thank you going by the wayside is only the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately I find that more and more people find that foul language is appropriate. I have my theories that this is rooted in the whole "self-esteem" movement that placed a child's emotions as more paramount than being a good citizen.
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I don't hear anyone here defending the 80's rockers with acid washed jeans and white tennies still rockin' their mullets..... seriously at some point you should just let it go.
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Yet another brilliant idea from the lefties. Before you say " I'm a lefty and I don't agree with this!!!", ask yourself if any of these totalitarian ideas EVER come from the right?
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You can build a single piston sterling engine... a heat source at the base and a cooling source at the top. The single piston isn't as effective but still possible.
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There is a great documentary about the deciphering of mayan writing. I found it on netflix and just loved it. This was a huge part of the decipherment.
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