Go Where? Sex, Gender, and Toilets

Restroom signs say much the same thing all over the world, but the way they say it says a lot about how view the differences between men and women. Why are women so often depicted as wearing skirts? And why do we have to use separate bathrooms anyway?
Women’s and men’s washrooms: we encounter them nearly every time we venture into public space. To many people the separation of the two, and the signs used to distinguish them, may seem innocuous and necessary. Trans people know that this is not the case, and that public battles have been waged over who is allowed to use which washroom. The segregation of public washrooms is one of the most basic ways that the male-female binary is upheld and reinforced.

As such, washroom signs are very telling of the way societies construct gender. They identify the male as the universal and the female as the variation. They express expectations of gender performance. And they conflate gender with sex.

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Gender-separated restrooms are a must especially for us females, because of the privacy it gives us. I wouldn't like it if I'm doing my thing while men are swarming around in the restroom doing their thing. It's gross and I don't really think it's safe.
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some toilet signs are in good humor but ther must be a gender seperation for toilets. men using urinals gives a speedy turnaround for toilet users, unfortunatly women have to sit down rendering a urinal useless for women. large sotial events like festivals, racemeetings etc they should increase the amount of toilet cubicles so the womens ques would be reduced.

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Y'all are so simple minded. If any of you have kids I am ashamed to hear this nonsense. Why would you want your 10 year. Old or younger daughter sharing a restroom with a man. Or a man portraying a women. I'm all for equal rights but if you can't stick to a gender its not my fault. Your identity crisis shouldn't be my familys problem. If u stick to one gender use that ones bathroom
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Has nothing to do with men not wanting women to see our junk - If it did, why haven't I ever seen another mans junk in a bathroom?

For those calling for more stalls, consider the logistics - stalls are far more expensive and take up more space. How about women stop being such prudes and just have a sit down pee trough?
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