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As a conservative I have never had a problem with the government helping out people who can't help themselves. I draw the line at helping those who can. When I go to the store and see someone in line paying for their food with food stamps and then loading their bags into a lifted
f-350 with nice rims, something is out of whack. What is the money really paying for?

Bottom line...the bigger the government the smaller the citizen.
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I have a two year old who required a major surgery. Where we live no specialists were available and so we had to travel 7 hours on a plane from Europe to Chicago for the surgery. We did everything we could to prepare him for the trip and everything was going fine until about hour 4. For no particular reason he decided he had enough and started to scream. He had never done this before... then again he had never been on this long a flight before. We did everything we could to calm him down and after about 45 minutes he finally fell asleep in my arms (in the bathroom).

Long story short sometimes you HAVE to travel on a plane with a small child. The nasty looks and little snide comments we got really didn't help. It was a horrible experience for us and the unsympathetic passengers really don't help.

By the way he did amazing on the way back. Not a peep.
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As far as I'm concerned I'm proud that we "torture" terrorists. Ever since the Chechnya school massacre I've got a whole new perspective of what we need to do to these people. It's not enough in my opinion.
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