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Innoventions is a part of Epcot that's supposed to be educational. Epcot in general has a focus on learning (about the environment, technology, different cultures, etc). Some of those spaces have corporate sponsors, so it's not totally out there that Blue Cross/Blue Shield would sponsor the exhibit.

I see nothing wrong with having an exhibit on how poor nutritional choices and a lack of exercise is detrimental to one's health. Not having seen the exhibit, though, I can't comment on whether the tone was right...
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My mom cracked up laughing when I called her at 23 years old, having lived in an apartment for a couple of years, and asked how to "brown" ground beef. She got very quiet when she realized I was serious. Why can't the recipe just say COOK the ground beef?!

I lived in an apartment my senior year of college, and am very, very grateful for that. It was good practice...my parents paid for rent and food like they would if I stayed in the dorms, but it was up to me to pay the bills on time and stay within my food budget. Granted, I ate a lot of pasta and burned several dishes while I learned how to cook, but I learned a lot (and made a lot of calls that began with "Hey Mom, dumb question for you...").

My dad taught me a lot about finance, but we still pay someone to do our taxes.....
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As someone who collects old books and dreams of owning books more than a century old, it will be an absolute shame if books disappear. I've held books from the 16th, 17th centuries, and they are strong enough to last hundreds of years. I can't access a story I wrote 15 years ago because it was written in Word Perfect.

I also don't own an e-reader. I spent my days on a computer in my office job, and I'd rather not continue staring at a screen (even though the Kindle screen is pretty nice). Paper books don't run out of batteries.

I'm 26.

(I did actually recover the Word Perfect story, but I used it as an illustration).
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I actually used the phone book recently when looking for a place to get our lawn mower repaired. Being the 26 year old I am, I initially searched online for "lawn mower repair [location]" and didn't find much that was useful. On a whim I checked the physical yellow pages I stashed above the fridge and, lo and behold, there was an actual section for lawn mower repaired. Much easier and quicker than booting up my slow laptop, waiting for Firefox to load, and attempting to search.

And yes, I'm aware the yellow pages are online and probably equally easy to search. But it actually takes less time to just flip open the book.
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And Belle would look in the mirror to see the Beast, not herself, so that argument is shot.

Artwork isn't bad, but the theme is reaching a bit....
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Ryan, what's wrong with pleasantries? It's better than saying "Hello! Now about that contract...." And sometimes a person can-gasp!- actually mean it. I do like chatting with contacts for a moment before getting down to business. It's less cold and formal. Not everyone is trying to get something from you.....
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Considering that it's much easier to subtly check my watch during a meeting than to check my phone, which is often left back at my desk, my watch isn't going anywhere soon.

Because yes, our conference room doesn't have a wall clock or anything.

But I like the emergency Oreo....
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JenniB, I've heard that if you have a police report or something showing you lost you wallet, they might let you on. But just showing up without it, like this guy, is foolish.
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I still haven't found a good explanation as to HOW the students got access to the test bank in the first place. The publisher said students wouldn't have had access. But, I also haven't read my usual higher ed websites so perhaps they have an actual explanation. If it was readily available, absolutely not cheating. If someone hacked into it and passed it around, then yeah, it's cheating.
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