Man Rode Luggage Carousel to Make Flight

Denied by the TSA because he forgot his ID and desperate to make his flight, a young man decided to ride the luggage carousel:

Edward Hall III, 24, (pictured) tried to make a United Airlines flight set to depart at 8:11 a.m., but a TSA agent refused to screen him when he couldn't produce photo ID, police said.

Hall then asked a dumbfounded ticket agent, "Can you put me in a suitcase and send me down the baggage belt?"

She refused, and he strode behind the counter, and jumped onto the moving baggage belt.
He was arrested about 20 minutes later near the tarmac, and told cops, "I just wanted to make my flight."

In an online profile, Hall fittingly said he researches "human impatience."

Human impatience, indeed! Link

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Flying without ID isn't illegal, but generally very hard to do and impossible if you're late for your flight (as this guy seems to have been). In fact, disallowing someone just based on a lack of ID may be illegal as per some Supreme Court cases, though I believe the TSA interprets those cases slightly differently than everyone else.

If you are flying without an ID, plan to get to the airport extremely early and be prepared for extensive questioning and searches of both your person and any baggage.
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JenniB, I've heard that if you have a police report or something showing you lost you wallet, they might let you on. But just showing up without it, like this guy, is foolish.
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I don't understand why they did not let him fly. I have flown without ID before.
In 2008, I lost my wallet the day before a return flight home (domestic flight). I did get the third degree from TSA, asking all kinds of Big Brother questions, but I was ok with it, because I was able to catch my flight home that afternoon. You CAN fly without ID. Perhaps this guy was giving TSA other reasons to not let him through?
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