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BTW, I'm speaking as a person who has been on the receiving end of deliberately poor service in restaurants because of race. I KNOW the issues...but the issues aren't why I was coming to this site.
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This site is a cool site when it talks about neat stuff. Apparently, that's not enough. You are bound and determined to morph it into a clone of every other issues driven site out there. Why?

Ask yourself what you can offer the internet that isn't offered by others? EVERYBODY AND THEIR DOG has an opinion blog. Why do you feel the need to bring that into Neatorama? Doing so offers nothing new and is making Neatorama just another wannabe issues site.

What you COULD have done instead is focus exclusively on "Neat" stuff. Kinda like your name implies. THAT would bring something new and different. A site where one can kick back and get away from all the troubles of the world. Sadly, you disagree. But hey, it's your site, do what you want to with it.

And it's my time to do what I want to with it. This will be my last time visiting Neatorama.

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Warning to anyone who might be motivated to rent/buy the movie "Where the Wild Things Are" because of this. DON'T DO IT! Read the book again instead. The movie is nothing but a big bag of hurt.
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I came here fully prepared to shoot down this story but see that it has already been done. Thanks guys!

@ForReallyReal, your analogy is terrible and doesn't fit the situation at all. Everyone can be a vegan if they chose to be. No problems there. Everyone can't stop using money. Or, to be more precise, everyone can't stop using a means of exchange. Classic barter went away because it was too cumbersome; you had to hope/pray that the person who wanted what you had to trade had something you needed in return. There will always need to be a medium of exchange. Now, whether that medium should be inherently worthless monopoly money or something with intrinsic value that will hold its buying power over time and that politicians cannot debase is another discussion.
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Getting some sort of commission? Unlikely. No single company has a monopoly on 48fps (although Jackson is using a truckload of Red cameras this time around).

Technology advances. Just like still digital increasing megapixels, the size of the CCD, etc., all in the name of getting a better picture, film is moving in that direction as well. Advances are slower with movies because of the chicken and egg thing where you have to get theaters to agree to the upgrade. A lesser movie couldn't get away with this.

I'd say that a more likely reason is him wanting to do what the article says -- to have others follow in his footsteps. If the difference is noticeable, there will be no going back.
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Facts has been dead and buried for a long, long time. As Mr. Huppke is one of the people who killed it, it's not surprising he's putting up this false front. Surely not, you exclaim! 'Fraid so.

Facts is dead because people on all sides only chose to believe/acknowledge those particular facts with which they agreed. Anything that did not fit into their greater good was dismissed. Different sides simply dismissed different facts. Once the last fact was tossed onto the garbage heap of history, the funeral dirge began. And, in the name of the end justifying the means, this means that facts had no place in this world.
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Speaking of not being able to eat gluten, have you tried "I can't believe it's not gluten"? Here's a link: http://www.food.com/recipe/i-cant-believe-its-not-gluten-gluten-free-cake-flour-mix-189120
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Lays has odd marketing. They'll only sell certain flavors in certain parts of the country, not others. Personally, I like to try different flavors, but will never be able to unless I'm willing to go on a long road trip. Seems weird to me.
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"Money can't buy happiness" is often heard (usually by those with money). No, it can't. But it can buy food and shelter and medicine and long-term economic security. If, after you have all that, your life is still empty, it's all on you.
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