The Hobbit May Change How We Watch Movies

Peter Jackson plans on using his upcoming release The Hobbit to change the way we watch movies, by raising the overall frame rate to 48 frames per second, which is double the current industry standard and will make the pictures on the big screen flow as smooth as hot butter flavored topping.

So what's the downside? If theaters want to carry The Hobbit they'll have to upgrade their projection equipment by the December 14th release date or they'll be left behind when the world catches Hobbit fever.

However, if theaters fall into line with the new frame rate standard, directors such as James Cameron will be following in Mr. Jackson's footsteps, and 48 fps will soon become the norm for future releases.


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Let's hope it was actually filmed at 48hz -- the artificially interpolated 60hz feature on far too many TVs is so disgusting and horrible that I can't stand it.
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Getting some sort of commission? Unlikely. No single company has a monopoly on 48fps (although Jackson is using a truckload of Red cameras this time around).

Technology advances. Just like still digital increasing megapixels, the size of the CCD, etc., all in the name of getting a better picture, film is moving in that direction as well. Advances are slower with movies because of the chicken and egg thing where you have to get theaters to agree to the upgrade. A lesser movie couldn't get away with this.

I'd say that a more likely reason is him wanting to do what the article says -- to have others follow in his footsteps. If the difference is noticeable, there will be no going back.
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