One Third of Waiters Consciously Provide Poor Service to Black Customers

There's a lot of anecdotal evidence of waiters at restaurants delivering less than stellar service to black patrons, but a recent research study put hard numbers behind the phenomenon of "tableside racism":

"Many people believe that race is no longer a significant issue in the United States," says Sarah Rusche, a Ph.D. candidate in sociology at NC State and co-author of a paper describing the study. "But the fact that a third of servers admit to varying their quality of service based on customers' race, often giving African-Americans inferior service, shows that race continues to be an issue in our society."

Researchers wanted to determine the extent to which customers' race affects the way they are treated at restaurants, so the researchers surveyed 200 servers at 18 full-service chain restaurants in central North Carolina. The majority of the servers surveyed – approximately 86 percent – were white.

Survey results showed that 38.5 percent of servers reported that customers' race informed their level of service at least some of the time, often resulting in providing inferior service to African-American customers. Findings show that many servers perceive African-American customers to be impolite and/or poor tippers, suggesting that black patrons, in particular, are likely targets of servers' self-professed discriminatory actions.


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this seems accurate, based on reports from numerous friends in the restaurant industry over the years. interestingly, what this article doesn't state(and what i've personally heard from both white and african-americans that wait tables) is that african-american waiters and waitresses themselves also avoid predominantly african-american tables because of the tipping stigma. but it's not just a race thing. waiters also don't like: elderly women, business professionals at lunch, foreigners, teenagers, college students....i mean, really, the list could go on and on. any time my husband and i go into a restaurant, we're immediately shuttled to the seats nearest the bathroom/kitchen because hostesses judge that we look like we're in our early 20's, thus won't spend much, and so aren't worth sitting in a decent location. the restaurant business to me, is all about stereotypes. it's what happens when you pay people 3 dollars an hour and except them to live off of tips.
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This site is a cool site when it talks about neat stuff. Apparently, that's not enough. You are bound and determined to morph it into a clone of every other issues driven site out there. Why?

Ask yourself what you can offer the internet that isn't offered by others? EVERYBODY AND THEIR DOG has an opinion blog. Why do you feel the need to bring that into Neatorama? Doing so offers nothing new and is making Neatorama just another wannabe issues site.

What you COULD have done instead is focus exclusively on "Neat" stuff. Kinda like your name implies. THAT would bring something new and different. A site where one can kick back and get away from all the troubles of the world. Sadly, you disagree. But hey, it's your site, do what you want to with it.

And it's my time to do what I want to with it. This will be my last time visiting Neatorama.

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BTW, I'm speaking as a person who has been on the receiving end of deliberately poor service in restaurants because of race. I KNOW the issues...but the issues aren't why I was coming to this site.
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Actually, we've always talked about non-neat stuff on Neatorama, albeit at a much lower rate than other blogs out there.

I posted this because I found it interesting. There's no requirement to like every single post on Neatorama, or even to read every single one.

Sad to see you go, though Fae.
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