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I came here fully prepared to shoot down this story but see that it has already been done. Thanks guys!

@ForReallyReal, your analogy is terrible and doesn't fit the situation at all. Everyone can be a vegan if they chose to be. No problems there. Everyone can't stop using money. Or, to be more precise, everyone can't stop using a means of exchange. Classic barter went away because it was too cumbersome; you had to hope/pray that the person who wanted what you had to trade had something you needed in return. There will always need to be a medium of exchange. Now, whether that medium should be inherently worthless monopoly money or something with intrinsic value that will hold its buying power over time and that politicians cannot debase is another discussion.
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I prefer to get my meat at the supermarket where they grow it from seed in nice styrofoam containers. But if that guy insists on getting his meat from animals, who am I to question is antiquated ways?
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