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I read BoingBoing for the same reason I read slashdot: habit. I'm still trying to decide if a month of kittah is better or worse than a month of tube maps.
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Some auto detailers use a clay bar after a wash. You'd be surprised how much dirt there is left on a "clean" car. This sounds like the same principle on a much grander scale.
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Bah, show me the video of the terminally-ill kid using suction cups to cling to the back of the world rail-speed record run. I find I'm getting increasingly more difficult to impress.
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Wow dep--I was pro-Iraq and pro-gun before your comment. The relevance and eloquence of your comment has completely changed the whole of my thinking, and thus my entire understanding of the universe. If there was a Nobel Prize for blog commenting, you would most certainly be a front-runner.
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Most internet "wisdom" is attributed to either Einstein (if it's pseudoscience) or the Dalai Lama (if it's pseudospritual).

--Albert Einstein
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I see people like this and wonder what event sparked their decision to distance themselves as far as possible from the rest of the human race.
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