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z0mg! I'm going to make a sheet of stickers with little smileys on them! You can stick them on your paper emails! Then I'm going to print up a bunch of flyers to advertise the stickers and mail them out to everybody!

I'm gonna be so rich!
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Wow, a homosexual did something of note and value and that makes homosexuality a virtue. Hitler was a vegetarian, so I guess that makes vegetarians monsters, right?
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I was just reading how men tend to store at crotch level more than women do. Maybe it was just at photos of baseball players. My memory is somewhat fuzzy.
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I used to use egg whites to get mine to stand up. I'm sure there's something better and easier to clean up, but it's hard to craft a mohawk when you've got male pattern baldness. :)
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Dr. Chartrand announced that her next study will attempt to identify a link between the fifty pounds she's gained since marriage to the reduction in amorous advances by her husband.
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Man, this "most expensive" category is getting really specialized. I won't be impressed until I see the Most Expensive Left-Handed Ladies' Lady Poison Arrow Frog Watch.

*That* would be neat.

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