Cousin Itt ... er, Woman With Really Long Hair Found in China.

Today's collaboration with Cellar Image of the Day brings us this photo:

Xia Aifeng, 36, stands on a chair as her daughter checks her hair at their home in Shangrao, in east China's Jiangxi province. Xia has not cut her hair for 16 years and it has grown to 2.42 metres long. She has to spend 90 minutes washing it once a week.

Check out Cellar IotD for more awesome pics (6 years worth of archive!): Link

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All the racist and ignorant comments is ridiculous!!!! And for the fool who says there is no way a person can grow there hair that long is a damn idiot!!! Just because your hair can't grow any longer doesn't mean everybody is just the same, and should be stuck in a hair rut like you. What a total ignorant statement. You're a dumb ass!!!!
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I think that this is cool, although I do think she needs it trims cut a little so it's easier for her, and healthier. (atleast at her feet). I've always had this dream of having my hair down to my butt! lol XD
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I love her hair.

I looked at the image in the glass and I think it is NOT photoshop. Her hair in the reflection is right there behind her shoulder, as it should be. I am an artist and I can paste your head on Osama bin Laden's body if I want to and it will look real.

Everybody's hair has a different terminal length and some people's hair WILL grow this long. You should already know this if your own hair is very long.

The Ring? That spooky little girl's hair was ratty and unkempt, just as it should be for a horror movie. This woman's hair, in contrast, is magnificent.

It really gets me, all you hair haters. Do you want the whole world to get a buzz cut? I hate short hair, it's just stupid looking and it turns my stomach.
Just remember this; longhair covers up a lot of ugly.

Longhair rules!
Paul KMF
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