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Awh...this is the sort of stuff I get a little sad about. Such soulful music, and yet todays youth would rather listen to rap.

maybe I'm just getting old. But its a shame.
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True, there is a saying that goes "if you have to ask, you can't afford". But you would be suprised to find out that its more like "poor people won't ask the price because they're afraid to be judged".

I always ask prices. I couldn't care less what some retail worker thinks of me. They're getting minimum wage anyway, and couldn't afford 90% of what they're selling.

I believe in wise investments. I always will, no matter how much I have.

Eyeballing the raw materials of this coach and estimating labor + a fair tip, I could find someone who could make it for about 7-10k. Maybe less. Sure, it might not be AS nice. There is a certain artisan touch to it thats hard to replicate. But it remains what it is. A childs BED.
It is by no means worth $45,000 I see nothing on it, that looks particularly expensive, or hard to replicate. (A car on the otherhand, is hard to replicate without a factory).
Pretty sure theres some craftsmen out there who would jump at such an oppertunity if I waved the money at them.
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Oooh, 6.4 million? Thats not bad, really.
Amazing that significant artifacts seeped in history go for that sort of price, when other things like "Damien Hirst’s Diamond and Platinum Skull" go for 99 million. Hmm... Napoleon's sword, or a "disco ball" skill covered in diamonds...

Wish I had the money to be stuck with that sort of choice.
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Honestly, I find it tacky. This thing goes great next to a rhinestone studded toaster.
Not so long ago, sequins and rhinestones were something only Grandma would wear to bingo night.
You can coat a coprolite with diamonds, but in the end, its still crap.
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I sometimes wonder if animals view Humans in a way similar to the way we would view an Alien movie. (Stay with me on this one...)
In alien movies, the aliens rework ships and the enviornment into their creep/weird cocoon-like hive structures. Humans do the same with the natural enviornment. Changing the natural world into buildings and concrete.

That Poor deer was caught in a real horror movie. :P
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cheetahs are lightweights in the cat kingdom. It could have bitten him and messed him up a bit if _IT_ felt threatened, but it wouldn't have stayed for a fight with that many people there.
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I don't know whats more disturbing... The cruel torture displayed, or how casual and "friendly" some of the terrorists look.
This in particular. "Clothes Iron to skin"

You can almost visualize the dialogue.
Mr.Roger: "So how was your day?" *steam* "Anything interesting happen? The barber shop was quite busy, we all had a good laugh over a mixup of comb shipments." "Can you believe it? we were shipped brushes instead of combs. How whacky is that?." *steam*

Victim: "Ahh...ahhh...ahhhh.."

Mr.Rogers "heh heh... yeah." *Steam*
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"when the toddler mistook the sandart, for a dance floor".

I hope that wasn't the parents official excuse, because That kid KNEW what it was doing. It walked up to the art and deliberately stomped on it with one foot, then shuffled his feet to smear it with his shoes as he left. He wasn't dancing. One evil little jerk.
Every time i see this crap, it makes me hate retarded unsupervising parents even more. And sadly, they are in great abundance.
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