Got Talent?

Paul Potts sells phones for a living, but he's always wanted to be an opera singer. He entered the competition for the UK show Britain's Got Talent and performed Nessun Dorma, to the delight of the judges and the audience. Push play or go to YouTube. -via the Presurfer

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it actually depends what kinds of rap they listen to. I admit I'm a hip Hop kind of guy, but to people who dont know, there are now two types of rap/rnb music now. Mainstream and underground. Underground is more of a life story of the musician, always talking how hard life is. Also underground can be filled with many emotions, mostly love and hate. Mainstream rap, the ones shown on T.v. most of the time, talk mostly about money, women, cars, clothes, getting big, getting rich, and the "it's all about me" thing.

It depends on who your listening to, Hip Hop Started getting Crappy around 2004, that was when 50 cent wasnt hated by the hiphop community.

alot of "todays youth" listen to mainstream rap because it has the things they wish they had, eg. money, cars, women, clothes, repespect/fear. and they become completly unaware of anything else, it just becomes about them. But to anyone who listens to hiphop, we all go through that phase of listening to mainstream, thats how most people started out, we later realize its just a bunch of B.S. and move on to the artists and songs where each word in the lyrics have meaning.

and your not "getting old" its that "todays youth" just happened to be in the age when hiphop started going mainstream, and the REAL true hiphop started to die. Like Nas said in his song "hiphop is dead" , killed by the people who are in it.
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No, Nora, its ot you 'getting old'.... I am part of 'todays youth' and I hate rap. This was awesome. I think that - no matter the generation, a lot of people like crap. Especially when they are younger - awareness and taste doesn't seem to bloom with most humans until they live life for a bit. :)
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Awh...this is the sort of stuff I get a little sad about. Such soulful music, and yet todays youth would rather listen to rap.

maybe I'm just getting old. But its a shame.
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