Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Bed.

Got a little princess in your life? Daddy's little girl will go absolutely nuts for this AMAZING pumpkin-shaped fantasy carriage bed, inspired by the fairy tale Cinderella.

Oh, and what's $47,000 if you can bring sweet dreams and a little smile to your daughter's face?

Link (Don't miss their entire line of fantasy-themed beds) - Thanks Tiffany!

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I would buy this bed in a heartbeat if I had the money. Kids are only little for a short time and I would love to spoil the hell out of my granddaughter. I think I would would sleep in it when she wasn't around. haha
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I do think its a bit impractical, however, if someone can afford this bed and wants it let them buy it! Why does everyone care so much what other people spend their money on?! Live within your means and worry about yourself! People that make amazing money work for it or are really smart! Shouldn't they be allowed to purchase anything they want with the money they've earned? You don't have people following you around criticising you for buying abercrombie over wet seal?? People in third world countries are lucky to see a few dollars a year! To them we are all rolling in it! Its all relative! The point is that we all forget to be thankful for the things we DO and are ABLE to have!
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I don't understand why people spend so much money on their kids. It's just foreign to me. My daughter is only a year and a half and has fallen in love with Cinderella (or, "Rella"). However, I cannot afford this kind of nonsensical luxury. As it is, she has most of my toys from when I was a kid and seems happy with that. I found the VHS version of Cinderella on Craigslist and it works just fine for $3. She loves it. The only realy money I've spent so far is a regular wooden toddler bed that I hand-painted with Cinderella and the other characters from the movie. Tedious? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. She loves it and will learn how to appreciate the hard work that goes into having things like that. She'll also know that material stuff doesn't matter in life. She'll know that as long as she is loved and can love in return, life is good and all is well in the world. These expensive things are just that, expensive, in more ways that just the price tag. Stop spoiling your children. Let them learn how to EARN things. Trust me, they'll be happy with a Cinderella blanket. $12 at Walmart. Grab 'em up.
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my daughter loves this. It is very roomy inside. She loves the staires to get up to the bed night, but I do worry she will fall down them one dark night. luckily that hasn't happened yet. she made me buy new cinderella pajamas to go along with her brand-new bed, but hey, whats another $20? i highly suggest buying this bed. it may be a little expensive, but my daughter loves it and im sure yours will, too.
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