Damien Hirst's $99 Million Diamond and Platinum Skull.

Damien Hirst, the bad boy of British art, made this $99 million diamond-studded human skull (ok, ok, not real skull - it's a cast of a skull):

"For the Love of God" is a life-size cast of a human skull in platinum and covered by 8,601 pave-set diamonds weighing 1,106.18 carats. The single large diamond in the middle of the forehead is reportedly worth $4.2 million alone. Hirst financed the project himself, and estimates it cost between 10 and 15 million. Of course, it will cost someone a pretty penny to own the work: It's priced at $99 million.

Link - Thanks Tiffany!

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Honestly, I find it tacky. This thing goes great next to a rhinestone studded toaster.
Not so long ago, sequins and rhinestones were something only Grandma would wear to bingo night.
You can coat a coprolite with diamonds, but in the end, its still crap.
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Before a modern process of separating aluminum from its ore, aluminum was a semiprecious metal. Not anymore.

Even though diamonds are made of carbon (not exactly rare) the fact that it is 1) shiny 2) has a very monopolistacally tightly controled market, keeps the prices artificially high.

Have no fear, the diamond growers (chemically growing perfect diamonds from, gasp, common carbon) will eventually win and make diamonds as mundane as cubic zirconium (which I dare anyone to distinguish from diamond with the naked eye without going through some formal training)

I am patiently waiting for the day where the $99M buyer of this will go... wait a minute... shiny pebbles, plastic skull... I've been ripped!
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Ahh Damien Hirst. The best non-artist ever. As far as I'm concerned, the act of assembling the pieces must at least "essentially" (philsophical definition) involve the artist. Therefore Damien Hirst is a fraud, hack, and imposter. That being said, I also don't like any of his work. That being said, I wouldn't mind switching bankrolls with him.
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