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A 200' pink bunny dropped in the Italian mountains with its intestines hanging out. Might not be a zombie, but definitely worth reanimating.
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And you can buy one for only $15,000.00. I love memphis design, but why are all the great pieces so expensive.
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When I was growing up my family had a house in the woods in Wisconsin. The neighbor was an excellent sculpture and would do random carvings all through the woods. Some were great, others really creeped us out. Wish I had pictures.
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They used to have "No Babies" spray painted on lots of dumpsters in Denver. My reaction was more WTF than "gee I better not throw out babies in that dumpster."

I haven't seen them for a while. My guess is too many people were freaked out by them.
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Still like the Gashlycrumb Tinies better. Edward Gorey was so twisted. He's the guy that did the original animation for the PBS show Mystery.
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I've had a bad taste for the Salvation Army since a friend of mine went to help with hurricane relief (not Katrina). The Salvation Army provided them with a charge. How cheap.
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How is this different than the photos of a cubicle filled with foam peanuts? Oh yeah, the artist is "conveying burdens and conflicts with precise and economical means."
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