Leveraging Our Core Competencies to Dispose of Corporate Buzzwords We Loathe

If you're anything like me, there are certain business words or phrases in that will make you scream if you hear them uttered from anyone's lips just one more time.  Buzzword Bingo has swept across Corporate America for a reason, folks. 

Making lists sort of soothes me, so I started making a list of every business word/phrase that I never want to hear again.  These things tend to go around like viruses - one day nobody is using the word "robust" to describe anything but wine and Rubenesque women.  The next thing you know, everyone and their mothers are referring to their "robust" portfolios and their "robust" deliverables and their "robust" robustness.  Can you tell "robust" is the one that I am hating right now?

Anyway.  Leave a comment and let us know what buzzword you're sick and tired of.   

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Meghan, I like, resonate with you.

Let's not forget these infamous mistakes:

"Over 25 years of public service..." Over is for over, or beyond, or above the rainbow, our heads, our ability to comprehend. If we're talking about quantity or volume it's "more than" or "less than." He's more than 6 feet tall, so he can reach over the top cabinet without having to stand on a chair."

"You go, grrrrrl." OMG, like, that's like so annoying.

"I'm anxious to meet you!" What is it about me that makes your anxious?

"We need to talk about project steps going forward." You meant "in the future," right, idiot?

Contrary to what many assume it's not sexy nor a display of brilliance to use buzzspeak.
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"Optics" and "going forward". When I started at my first office job, I had to ask what it meant the first time I heard it. Apparently, it's the same as "in the future" but more "proactive".
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Who started the craze for turning nouns into verbs? They should be shot for "dialoguing" "mainstreaming" etc
Also why must everything have its own "vision and values" and why must every sports team play with "Pride and passion". I saw a Charlton (soccer) fan with a coat saying "Charlton Athletic - 70 years of pride and passion". I'd date that coat a 2007 vintage!
Oh, and our workplace have just dredged "core competencies framework" out of the pond to assist in the annual review process. Its a bit moss covered by now that phrase, but thats when they join our lexicon here.
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