Normally, I am opposed to combovers, because bald guys can be hot. But this is the best combover I’ve ever seen. Push play or go to YouTube. -via Arbroath

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Oh my God!

You are so right! It is quite shocking to see an example of a combover that actually succeeds! Truly, the only one in existence. It's kind of unfortunate, really, in that it is fuel for every other balding man to persist in the delusion that their combover looks anything other than farcical.

As Vandoo says above, "Concede the recede." Full Disclosure: I have kept my hair short ever since it started thinning. There are a lot of things about aging that are great. Embrace those guys, and don't be tempted by combover denial.
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asians and their hair
lol if you think about asian GUYS do alota stuff to their and spend so much time to make it look good

trust me.. all my korean, honger, and japanese friendst spend like 30 minutes fixing their hair, before going anywhere
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From one bald man to the rest who live with combovers, rugs, plugs, wonder drugs.
You are not fooling anybody
The comb over just looks silly.
Concede to the recede.
The only respectable option for the bald man is to keep whatever is left nice and short.
Have a little self respect you bald men!
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