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"Specifying the address down to the number of the house and the block on which is stands..."

Odd wording, since that's how addresses work in Japan. Without those two things, the bird doesn't know its address, and this is not a story.
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Glad to see that the legal precedent of Javert v Valjean is being upheld.

Also, keep in mind that the way Ohio runs its school districts was found to be unconstitutional but they haven't gotten around to fixing it yet.
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There are at least two other cultures like this. The speakers of Tzeltal live on the side of a mountain, so they use words that mean "up-the-slope", "down-the-slope", and "across-the-slope". They do, however (@jojo69), have words for their left vs right limbs.[1] Another is this island where the inhabitants refer to many places and directions with similar non-egocentric words. The island is called Manhattan, and the words are "uptown", "downtown", and "crosstown".[2]

[1] - The Stuff of Thought, Steven Pinker
[2] - ibid, paraphrasing Lila Gleitman
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What are you saying, exactly, Aramax? aschi's grandpappy's song reminds me that true Aryans are tall like Goebbels, blond like Hitler, slim like Goering, and handsome like Himmler.
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Being white in India means:
Everyone stares at you. All the time.
People will turn their back on the Taj Mahal to take a picture of you.
People will sneak up to touch your skin.
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Stupid Mickey. Has the character been used for anything but a oversaturated logo for the past 50 years? Oh right, some crappy video games. I can't wait until we stop punting copyright expiration and I can legally create Micky snuff media.
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