Electric Car Can Recharge While in Motion

Students at the University of Karlsruhe in Germany designed and built an electric vehicle and the track that it runs on. The car can recharge using electrical conduits built into the surface of the track. It doesn't have to stop in order to recharge:

All the individual components of the car including its steering, breaks and chassis are designed by the students from high-tech materials. Apart from these, e-Quickie’s shell that plays a central role in the vehicle’s weight and aerodynamics is made from the carbon fiber to ensure the optimal mobility. The total weight of the car is 60kg, which, as per the project director, can be reduced to 40kg. The car is powered by a 2kw motor but achieves a top speed of 50 km/h. The batteries serve as a buffer, therefore they are much smaller than by electric cars, from which they draw energy exclusively.

http://www.automotto.org/entry/students-develop-e-quickie-ev-that-runs-on-energy-transmitted-from-ground/ via DVICE | Photo: Solar Driver

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So they just invented the trolleybus then. Oh no, wait, I think somebody may have thought of this before. Like 100 years before.

Welcome to Neatorama 1910!
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ooooh 50km/hour... wowwwwwwww.... 31MPH.

halve the speed of traffic and you double the time spent on the road. the faster people can get on and off a road, the more people that road can service.

i know its a prototype, but come on, i thought you guys were German. needs more go.
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